Offshore medic jobs and offshore paramedic jobs are unique roles.

Based on oil or gas rigs, wind or wave farms, and a multitude of other diverse offshore locations, medical personnel need to be ready to take on testing, yet rewarding roles, in demanding conditions.

If you have medical training, including paramedic or nursing qualifications, this could be the role you’ve been searching for.

Ideal for adventurous types looking for a new career challenge, highly qualified and skilled offshore medics are in high demand.

At Oilfield Medics, we specialise in placing the best candidates with leading offshore employers, providing continuous support alongside years of offshore experience.

Here’s our complete guide to offshore medic jobs, including oil rig medic jobs and oil rig paramedic jobs.

Offshore Medic Jobs

Offshore medics are typically employed to serve in a nursing, healthcare and emergency paramedic role in offshore locations.

Candidates are medically trained, holding nursing, paramedic or other medical qualifications.

The best ones are also experienced, having already spent several years of their career working in traditional mainland medical facilities, such as surgeries or hospitals.

Many offshore medics have previously served in the Army, Navy or Air Force.

Offshore medic jobs and offshore paramedic jobs are required in a variety of locations and industries, including:

  • Oil rigs
  • Gas rigs
  • Environmental energy farms (wind, wave, solar energy etc.)
  • Storage and transport
  • Scientific research vessels
  • Fishing and marine agriculture

Oil rig medic jobs and oil rig paramedic jobs are among the most common roles, but qualified medical personnel with the right experience can find many more roles in remote parts of the UK and across the rest of the world.

What Does It Take to Be an Offshore Medic?

Offshore medic roles require a particular type of person to be successful.

They are expected to work long hours, and be away from home for long periods of time.

As well as the appropriate training, experience and qualifications, offshore medics need to be comfortable working in remote environments.

They must be independently minded, self-motivated and able to get on with other employees from a range of backgrounds, in what are often cramped conditions.

For the right applicants though, an offshore medic or paramedic role is a chance to travel to adventurous destinations, to learn new skills and experience different working environments.

It’s an opportunity to work as part of a close-knit team, to look after the health and safety of key workers, and to play a major role in vital sectors of the UK economy.

It’s not easy, but with the right support, it’s a job that many paramedics, nurses and doctors can excel in.

Dual Safety and Medical Officers

While many offshore nursing and offshore paramedic jobs are traditionally employed only in a medical capacity, Oilfield Medics have realised the value of training medics to fulfil a unique ‘dual role’.

Alongside their existing medical experience and training, we believe that medics should also be trained as safety officers.

The concept behind dual safety and medical officers is the notion that an aware medical officer will provide offshore workplaces with the opportunity to enforce more rigorous health and safety standards.

Preventing an accident before it happens is a more positive approach than treating the injuries.

Offshore medics are uniquely positioned to perform this dual role, with the right training and certification.

Dual safety and medical officers receive HSE (Health and Safety Executive) certifications, equipping them with the knowledge and insight to help create a health and safety compliant working environment.

A dual safety and medical officer has the ability to provide both offshore medical services and HSE services concurrently.

They can act as a medic or paramedic, while also having the ability to perform health and safety inductions, provide training and carry out inspections of equipment.

With a broader scope of education and training, offshore medics are able to provide a higher quality service in offshore locations.

For example, a dual safety and medical officer is equipped with the following skills and is able to carry out these duties while working offshore:

  • Healthcare and nursing skills, qualifications and experience
  • First aid and trauma skills
  • Ability to provide offshore health and safety inductions for new staff members
  • Ability to provide regular offshore health and safety training, give presentations or organise safety meetings
  • Ability to complete offshore health and safety compliance surveys and occupational surveillance programmes
  • Ability to provide health and safety checks of equipment, run PPE control and training, and SCBA maintenance and training
  • Able to act towards creating or improving a health and safety compliant working environment
  • Also able to report on environmental issues such as waste management, recycling and energy use

Support Provided to Offshore Staff

We understand the unique environment created by working offshore for extended periods of time.

Offshore medics need to be provided with the best possible support, in order to fulfil the responsibilities of their job and create health and safety compliant working conditions.

In the past, they would be flown over by helicopter to the oil rig or other offshore location and dropped there to do their job, on their own, until their stay of duty was complete.
Little training and little support would be provided from the mainland.

This situation doesn’t create appropriate working conditions for the medic to properly carry out their role, because it’s imperative that they are able to access support when they need it.

For that reason, Oilfield Medics believe that all offshore medics should have 24/7 access to support while on duty.

Our medics are able to contact supervisors and senior healthcare advisers when they encounter problems or conditions they’ve never experienced before.

They can request assistance or help at a moment’s notice and aren’t restricted to standard 9-5 working conditions.

Medics on Board

Our offshore medics are also assisted by access to the Medics on Board system.

Developed exclusively for Oilfield Medics, this app allows prospective medics to search for new listings and current job postings.

It makes the job hunt easier, and helps offshore medics find the right placements best suited to their experience and skill set.

It also aids prospective employers in quickly filling their vacant medic positions, as they can list new openings on the app to attract the best personnel.

For employers needing to fill positions at short notice, Medics on Board can prove vital.

Offshore medics and offshore employers also have access to Health Matters Online, a HSE-focused system that allows offshore medics and other health and safety personnel to better fulfil the requirements of their job.

Health Matters Online allows offshore medics and other personnel to track and analyse the health and wellbeing of the offshore workforce, record injuries and health and safety failures, and use accurate data to produce HSE compliant working conditions.

With Health Matters Online, an offshore medic is able to efficiently complete the following tasks as part of their job:

  • Record health and safety incidents offshore
  • Track the health and wellbeing of offshore workers
  • Record and analyse health and safety data from offshore locations
  • Establish health and safety compliant work environments
  • Record, store and access medical reports
  • Establish injury, illness or health trends while offshore
  • Record HSE testing in order to improve performances
  • Access vital HSE information, policies and regulations and present them to other team members

Finding the Right Offshore Medics

Finding the right offshore medic for the job is always a challenge.

It takes a highly-trained, qualified and experienced individual to be successful in this versatile and trying offshore role.

With access to a wide pool of medical personnel, Oilfield Medics are adept at providing offshore companies with the right people.

Our offshore medics are vetted, motivated and qualified to work in challenging conditions.

We provide talented and well-trained offshore medics at short notice, for both short-term and long-term placements.

Our dual safety and medical officers have an unprecedented level of support, as do offshore employers in need of new staff.

Contact Oilfield Medics today for more information on offshore medic jobs

Oilfield Medics was established in 2000 with the goal of providing world-class support to offshore medics, ensuring that offshore employers would have access to highly trained and motivated offshore staff.

All our medics have access to 24/7 support from senior staff members while offshore.

Other offshore agencies don’t provide this service to their clients, but years of experience have taught us that offshore work is never a 9-5 job.

If you’re a qualified offshore medic looking for offshore medic or paramedic jobs, including oil rig medic or paramedic jobs, contact Oilfield Medics team today to find out more about our current openings and the support we offer our medics.

Alternatively, offshore employers with current offshore vacancies can pick up the phone to find out how our team can help your operation.