Working offshore isn’t like working anywhere else in the world.

Offshore locations, such as oil rigs, wave farms and scientific research vessels, all present a unique set of challenges that workers have to overcome in order to succeed in their duties and responsibilities.

Offshore workers can expect to be stationed in remote locations, with harsh weather systems and cramped infrastructure, for long periods of time.

They need to be highly trained, skilled and self-motivated to complete their offshore tours.

In this article, our offshore recruitment experts look at the rigorous processes offshore employers go through to find the most qualified workers for their vacant offshore positions, including thorough knowledge of offshore health and safety and occupational health and safety.

Training, Qualifications and Experiences: Finding the Right Person for the Right Job

With potentially extreme working conditions and the need to complete technical tasks with a high degree of diligence and accuracy, it’s important to select the right candidates for offshore jobs.

Whether you're searching for industrial drillers, offshore medics, or occupational safety advisers, the first thing to ensure is that your candidates are appropriately vetted in terms of their training, qualifications and experience.

For example, if an offshore oil rig is searching for an appropriate offshore medic, the successful candidate would require healthcare and nursing qualifications.

If the job entails providing emergency trauma care, then previous experience working in A&E or as a paramedic would demonstrate the required skills and training.

Conversely, other jobs such as occupational health and safety advisers require up-to-date HSE training and experience implementing offshore safety policies to create a compliant work environment.

An offshore environmentalist would require detailed knowledge of the local environment and geography, as well as the practical skills necessary for waste removal and recycling while offshore.

Offshore Health and Safety Compliance

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) compliance is more important than ever, especially in offshore settings where the chance of accident or injury occurring on a day-to-day basis is higher than average.

All new employees, regardless of their job role, need to be inducted and informed of offshore HSE regulations when they are first stationed offshore.

This involves training and awareness and a detailed examination of HSE policies and procedures.

Our offshore medical staff are often asked to provide health and safety inspections and training, in addition to medical care, when working offshore.

They may be responsible for the health and safety inductions of other offshore employees, or for ongoing HSE training, while on placement.

With that in mind, a candidate may be more attractive to an employer if they possess up-to-date health and safety certifications, and recent training, accredited by the UK’s HSE.

This is an important step towards HSE compliance in the workplace, which all offshore employers should be taking seriously.

Continued Offshore Support Is Vital for Success

Health and safety compliance is not only an important component of the recruitment and induction process, but it’s also an important element of the ongoing support employers should be providing to their offshore workers.

Every offshore worker has the right to live and work in safe offshore conditions and should be provided with ongoing training and support during their time with an offshore company.

Oilfield Medics has taken this part of the recruitment process further and developed dedicated support systems that are available 24/7 to offshore medics while they’re on duty.

We also provide access to Health Matters Online, a dedicated online platform and app that allows safety officers and offshore medics to keep track of health and safety incidents, to analyse data to establish HSE trends in the workplace, and HSE compliance.

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Oilfield Medics is proudly committed to rigorous health compliance in the offshore workforce.

With years of collective offshore experience behind our expert recruitment and support team, we understand the vital importance of HSE in the workplace.

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