Medics on Board - Support for Medics

To ensure our offshore medics are well promoted and informed at all times, Oilfield Medics have developed a bespoke OFM online system - Medics on Board.

Launched in March 2016, Medics on Board is provided free of charge ensuring that all our medics are notified immediately that we place a job on our information board. As a medic, you will use the software to greatly increase your chances of obtaining work in any one of our locations around the world, and in maintaining your profile you will increase the likelihood of placements at short notice.

Registration is simple and the user-friendly, fuss-free interface automatically validates all medical training and certificates, building comprehensive CV’s for each medic. The system is designed to enable medics to focus their attention where it is needed - in seeking work!

   Why work with Oilfield Medics?


When Oilfield Medics was set up back in 2000, our mission statement was to make a notable difference in the care and support provided to offshore medics and to ensure that employers received fully informed medics with clear briefs. Since then, through tools such as Medics on Board, we can guarantee that all medic job placements provided through Oilfield Medics will arrive on-site with full knowledge of your enterprise's precise requirements. 

While for our medics, we ensure the availability of mentoring and monitoring resources whilst on location. This allows you to receive an unrivalled amount of support to ensure that you can deliver medical and safety services to offshore companies at a much higher calibre.

Oilfield Medics' reputation has been built on total reliability, combined with the quality, professionalism and expertise of its medical teams. We pride ourselves on providing the best personnel, and in return, we offer unrivalled service and support for our medics.

As such, you will receive a plethora of benefits from working alongside industry veterans, such as our Medic Manager, Jim Finch and our renowned Medical Director, Dr Soares. Unlike other offshore recruitment agencies, our 24/7 modus operandi means that our safety medics receive personalised guidance from senior professionals only - exactly when you need it!


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Oilfield medics are an expert medical staffing agency specialising in offshore oil and gas placements. We've been providing clients with exceptional service for over 20 years. Our medics have the full support of base staff who are personally experienced in the role 24/7