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How to Look After the Health of Your Offshore Staff

Every employee has the right to live and work in a health and safety compliant environment. But in offshore locations, the challenges to health and safety are much more pronounced than in other industries.

Working in remote locations – on oil and gas rigs or scientific research vessels – offshore workers are subjected to a unique set of conditions that aren’t found on the mainland. Cramped conditions, industrial equipment and challenging weather patterns all ensure that offshore staff need access to high-quality medical care and emergency medical assistance.

With the right medical personnel and rigid health and safety planning, looking after the health of offshore workers can become a streamlined and efficient process. In today’s article, we explore how offshore employers can look after the health of their offshore staff.

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What Processes Should You Follow When Hiring Staff for Offshore Working Conditions?

Working offshore isn’t like working anywhere else in the world.

Offshore locations, such as oil rigs, wave farms and scientific research vessels, all present a unique set of challenges that workers have to overcome in order to succeed in their duties and responsibilities.

Offshore workers can expect to be stationed in remote locations, with harsh weather systems and cramped infrastructure, for long periods of time.

They need to be highly trained, skilled and self-motivated to complete their offshore tours.

In this article, our offshore recruitment experts look at the rigorous processes offshore employers go through to find the most qualified workers for their vacant offshore positions, including thorough knowledge of offshore health and safety and occupational health and safety.

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