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What Training Is Required to Become an Offshore Medic?

The role of an offshore medic is a challenging yet rewarding pursuit that requires a comprehensive mixture of medical experience and industrial health and safety knowledge, alongside an ability to work in remote locations for long periods of time.

Offshore medics are crucial to creating health and safety compliant working environments onboard offshore vessels. In extreme scenarios, a well-trained and highly qualified offshore medic will save lives.

Because of the importance of the role, it’s crucial that prospective offshore medics receive the highest level of training and industry accreditation in order to fulfil the job’s vital responsibilities. In this article, we examine the training, qualifications and accreditation necessary to become an offshore medic.

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A Complete Guide to Offshore Medic Jobs

Offshore medic jobs and offshore paramedic jobs are unique roles.

Based on oil or gas rigs, wind or wave farms, and a multitude of other diverse offshore locations, medical personnel need to be ready to take on testing, yet rewarding roles, in demanding conditions.

If you have medical training, including paramedic or nursing qualifications, this could be the role you’ve been searching for.

Ideal for adventurous types looking for a new career challenge, highly qualified and skilled offshore medics are in high demand.

At Oilfield Medics, we specialise in placing the best candidates with leading offshore employers, providing continuous support alongside years of offshore experience.

Here’s our complete guide to offshore medic jobs, including oil rig medic jobs and oil rig paramedic jobs.

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