Health-Matters-Online - our HSE app

A ground-breaking application designed to allow your company's on and offshore management, a window into the health and wellbeing of its workforce offshore. Health-Matters-Online is a vital component in the toolbox of 'Corporate Social Responsibility' enabling your company to demonstrate its committment to promoting the health and wellbeing of its offshore workforce.

Health-Matters-Online is a comprehensive but easy to use app that provides secure workers medical documentation and supplies information on how HSE services and procedures are being delivered in each location. The app is a vital tool for authorised personnel within your organisation, such as:

  • Rig Managers/OIM's
  • Captains
  • Client representatives on board
  • Onshore HR/HSE Management
  • Onshore doctors

Providing and demonstrating a consistent approach to offshore HSE and health promotion requires a secure, reliable and efficient method of capturing and recording all medical data relating to personnel, training and procedures.

Health-Matters-Online provides users with the capability to access and analyse this healthcare data easily and efficiently on any pc, laptop and tablet.



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