OGUK, or Oil and GAS UK, is the oil and gas industry’s major representative and independent governing body. OGUK is a major player in the industry, working with hundreds of companies to set high industry standards in all fields of the sector.

OGUK sets stringent guidelines for health and safety compliance, for the medical fitness of offshore workers, and for working standards and operational procedures. It also helps to keep the industry informed of changing laws, regulations and public opinions while providing platforms for discussion, opportunities for networking, and support for individuals and companies across the oil and gas sector.

OGUK plays an important role in one of the UK’s most important industries. Here we take a detailed look at what they do and how OGUK membership could be beneficial for your company.

Oil and Gas in the United Kingdom

The oil and gas industry is one of the most vital sectors of the UK’s economy. Up to 75 per cent of the country’s energy needs are met by fuels such as oil and gas, with the UK industry directly providing 50 per cent of all oil and gas from the surrounding continental shelf.

The industry also provides up to 300,000 jobs across the UK, while generating billions in revenue for the economy. Oil and gas play a huge role not just in the economy, but also in supporting the country to meet its energy requirements.

Oil and Gas UK (OGUK): The Industry’s Governing Body

With such high stakes, it’s important that the industry as a whole comes together and has direction, guidance and support from an independent body. This is where OGUK plays its part.

Oil and Gas UK was established in 2007 to meet the ever-changing and demanding nature of the industry. As the industry evolved, the need for a more comprehensive governing body arose. With oil prices fluctuating, reserves on the continental shelf limited, and an ever-growing need for health and safety, environmental awareness and sustainability, the industry needed support.

OGUK was established to represent the entire oil and gas sector in the United Kingdom, to provide support, assistance and guidelines to build a sustainable future for the industry. The organisation was developed on the experience and efforts of previous, similar bodies, including the UK Offshore Operators Association, but was intended to be more encompassing in scope and ambition.

The organisation’s primary goals, as stated in their manifesto, including the following key objectives:

  • Ensure the efficiency of continued extraction of oil and gas reserves from the UK’s continental shelf
  • Ensure continued business opportunities in the North Sea and the sustainable economic growth of the industry
  • Develop an industry that can be sustainable and that can continue to supply the energy demands of the UK’s economy
  • Improve the industry’s positive reputation and public image, with a focus on environmental awareness and future sustainability

A Not-for-Profit Organisation

To keep its impartiality and independence within the industry, OGUK is run on a stringent not-for-profit basis.

The organisation is membership only, but membership of OGUK is open to any company working within the oil and gas sector in the United Kingdom. Currently, there are over 500 members of OGUK, and membership fees allow the organisation to carry out its goal, organise events, compile reports and provide backing for the industry.

Membership is varied and is open to any company, no matter the size of their operations. Members include huge, high profile and well-known corporations such as Maersk and BP, as well as smaller contractors and consultants working within the sector. Associate membership extends to governing public bodies, including city councils and governmental departments (the Met Office, for instance).

What Does OGUK Do for the Industry?

As well as developing a positive image of the oil and gas sector and what the sector contributes to the UK economy, OGUK provides a range of services for its members and for the industry as a whole.

They work on a range of projects, from government lobbying to scientific and economic research. Here are the most important areas they work in:

Industry Campaigns

OGUK attempts to raise the profile of the industry to ensure its continued success as a major provider to the UK’s energy sector.

Their current industry campaign, Roadmap 2035, sets out a vision of sustainability for the future. It aims to promote environmental awareness while also helping companies in the sector to achieve the government’s target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2035.

Health and Safety

One of the most important areas that OGUK works in is health and safety. The oil and gas sector employs hundreds of thousands of workers, often in offshore, remote or potentially dangerous conditions.

As the industry’s primary governing body, OGUK sets out stringent health and safety guidelines based on years of experience. The organisation lays down protocols and practices for companies to follow in order to create a safer working environment.

OGUK also provides accreditation to medical providers and safety contractors and sets standards for offshore workers in terms of medical checks and fitness.


OGUK organises industry-wide events that allow the industry as a whole to better connect and understand the sector’s needs and objectives. They run events, presentations, and provide networking opportunities such as gala dinners.

They also allow contractors to find new business opportunities and to search out specialised providers. This is particularly important in areas such as health and safety, where qualifications and accreditation by a governing body are paramount.

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