Combined Safety Officer/Medic Roles

OFM have the resources to supply individuals possessing the key skills to perform the dual role of Safety Officer/Medics. Clients enjoy the advantages of combining the roles of medic, safety officer and environmentalist with one fully trained and experienced Oilfield Medic.


OFM Safety/Medic Dual role professionals provide a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Excellent trauma and clinical skills.
  • The ability to carry out on-site, occupational surveillance and health promotion initiatives. These could include conducting noise surveys and managing your hearing conservation programme.
  • Acting as safety officer, your medic can run safety inductions, handle monthly inspections and audits; and co-ordinate safety meetings.
  • Checking basic safety equipment and co-ordinating your chemical program, they could also be responsible for P.P.E. control and training as well as SCBA maintenance and training.
  • Responsible for the working environment, your medic would be able to raise environmental issues while managing waste, energy and recycling initiatives.

The data collected from these different roles can be computer compiled to provide detailed statistical information. This in turn will enable you to physically demonstrate the effectiveness of your health, safety and environmental policies.

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